Focus on the writing, Comwriter will handle the rest.

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Academic referencing made easy

Store research material in your personal Resources, and then insert a resource as an in-text citation or footnote as you write.

Automatic formatting

Simply select a pre-defined style (e.g., APA, Harvard, MLA), and your output will be formatted expertly every time. Set a due date, and a list on the dashboard keeps you alert to upcoming deadlines.

Fun writing tools

Add writing objects to make working with text easy. Collapse and expand sections to focus on specific parts of your essay. Use drag ’n’ drop to re-order the essay structure. Add smart lists that never need updating: all your numbering is done automatically.

Store research material

Build and store a personal library with all kinds of resources: pdfs, bibliographic details, websites, tables, images, video and audio. Readily associate resources to projects to automatically produce a bibliography or create a group to manage a large library easily.

Format your writing using pre-defined styles to academic standards, or customize your own. All your formatting stored in one place: headings, paragraphs, quotes, lists, captions, header & footer, cover page, references, smart lists (e.g., contents, bibliography). Output will always look consistent and professional leaving you to focus on writing amazing content. Write-and-cite the easy way with ComWriter.

Focus on the writing, ComWriter will handle the rest.