Focus on the writing, Comwriter will handle the rest.

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Isabelle, multi-media student

The only platform dedicated to the whole process: research-write-format

1. Find reference data automatically from reliable sources

Find book, journal and other research material by searching WorldCat Library (2 billion records) or CrossRef (70 million records). One click and all the reference data is added to your research material for immediate use in your bibliography or citations.

2. Write-and-Cite using hyperlinks

Create citations easily by inserting a link inside your writing project to your resources; just add a hyperlink to your research material!

3. Format everything accurately with one click

All your text, citations, footnotes and bibliography will be automatically formatted to your preferred Style Guide (APA, Harvard, MLA, and more)

Format your writing using pre-defined style guides to academic standards, or customize your own. All your formatting stored in one place: headings, paragraphs, quotes, lists, captions, header & footer, cover page, references, smart lists (e.g., contents, bibliography). Output will always look consistent and professional leaving you to focus on writing amazing content. Write-and-cite the easy way with ComWriter.

Focus on the writing, ComWriter will handle the rest.